Different Pans of Cooking Pans

cooking pans

The first step in stocking your kitchen is to have the right cookware. You need to make sure that you have different styles of cooking pans. You should have cookware for every type of meal that you want to cook.
Cooking meals with the right cookware will give you excellent results.

Every time you are cooking a meal, it is essential to choose the right cookware. There is different cookware for slow cooking, frying and even baking. Here are some of the different cooking pans depending on the type of meal:


A skillet is an essential cooking pan in every household. You will identify a skillet because of the flat bottom and the handle. A skillet is used for frying eggs and any other foods that need shallow frying. There are different types of skillets depending on the material.

Some of the most common materials for skillet include stainless style, cast iron, stone or non-stick skillet. It all depends on the type of food that you want to cook with the skillet. For quick meals like eggs, non-stick materials are good. However, for foods that need more heat, cast iron is a good option.



Unlike a skillet, a griddle is a flat cookware. It is used for fast meals that need an open space to cook. A griddle is usually the square pan with an open top. It is used for cooking fast meals like eggs and pancakes.

With a griddle, you get an opportunity to turn your foods and see your meals as they cook. A griddle is more for grilling as opposed to frying foods. If you want to prepare foods in low fat, a griddle might be the right choice.


A wok is a very versatile piece of cookware. The most common materials used for making a wok are carbon steel and also cast iron.

If you want to deep fry meals at home, a wok might be the right choice for you. You can use a wok to cook foods that need a lot of turning. A wok is spacious enough to encourage turning of food in the cookware.


Sauce Pan

A saucepan is the best choice if you want to cook foods with a lot of liquid. It is ideal for cooking rice, spaghetti, soups and also stews. A saucepan usually has a handle and a lid. The saucepan is also, and this keeps everything inside the pan.